We spoke to our friend Revd. Canon Pat Robson this morning (some of you may have heard her on the radio today) and you won’t be surprised she has taken her usual hands on approach to helping Ukrainian children who have fled from the nightmare that is Mariupol into Romania. Please share her message and considering donating – you can be sure each £ is going to help immediately!

“So many of you, in the past, have helped me raise the money to care for the children from the Romanian orphanages and, between us, we were able to improve the lives of hundreds of children. I will always be grateful to you for your generosity. Now I am asking for your help again.

Last week I received a call from a priest friend in Romania to see if I could ask the people of Cornwall for their help, once more. Seventy children and 4 carers from an orphanage in Mariupol had arrived by bus just as night fell. It was decided to put them in a large, empty building in the village of Ineu, not far from where the White Cross used to work. They needed bedding, clothes, food and, above all, wood to fire up the central heating.

I immediately phoned around and managed to raise £600 and bought a lorry load of wood from the forests which was delivered the next day. Next day the call was for medicines for the people trapped in Mariupol who had illnesses such as diabetes, cancer etc and who had no access to the medication they needed. Again, I had contacts in Romania with the Health department and was able to send money to purchase some of the medicines needed and to send them on to Mariupol with the bus drivers who had brought the children along the ‘safe’ corridors.

If you remember we built a Guest House in 2008 to provide our children with work experience before we sent them off into the world at large. The Guest House has suffered during the last 2 years because of Covid, but now I discover that Anamaria has opened it up to the refugees and has been providing a place of rest for those who are fleeing west. She says they are so tired and traumatised that all they want to do is to feed their children and sleep. When they feel up to it they get back in their cars and continue their journey. I have sent her money to provide them with food but I will need to do this on a regular basis, and I need help.

As you can see we can help in many different ways. I felt so helpless when it was all happening in Ukraine and Poland, but once the refugees started spilling over into Romania I knew I could help. I have so many contacts there and with your help I can make things happen. I don’t want to start up the White Cross Mission again, but, if you think you can trust me with your money, please send what you can to me and I will make it work.

By cheque to P A Robson, Mill Cottage, Mill Lane, Grampound. Cornwall. TR2 4RU. Or by mobile banking / BACS to P A Robson, sort code 20-67-19 acc no. 90764809 ref, Ukraine.

Many thanks & God bless to you all – Pat”