About Us

A very warm welcome to the Church of St.Enoder.
Welcome Onan Hag Oll !

The Parish of St. Enoder is situated in the heart of Cornwall. It has a population of 3,500 and includes the villages of Summercourt, Fraddon, St.Columb Road, Indian Queens, and Trevarren.

It is criss-crossed by roads, old and new, which lead from East to West and from North to South. Along these roads Celtic saints, merchants, pilgrims and tourists have all in their turn travelled and left their mark.

Although the roads separate our community into small villages and hamlets we have a strong Cornish sense of belonging and many of our families can trace their roots in this area back to the dawn of time.

But the roads also bring visitors and take us out into the world. As a Parish we are proud to have friends in far-flung places. We have strong links with the U.S.A, Australia, and Eastern Europe.

Within the Parish of St. Enoder there are three churches, that of St.Enoder, St.Francis at Indian Queens and St.Constantine at Pedna Carne. St.Enoder has been the traditional “hub” of church life having had the rectory adjacent to the church and the facilities to host our regular social events. It has the larger share of “regulars” but the smaller congregations of our sister churches are important parts of the “body”.

Various members of our congregations are busy with elements of the spiritual, pastoral and social life of our church. Some have put themselves through training to become readers or worship leaders, some have struggled with architects and faculties to have bell towers and kitchens refurbished, some organise Jazz nights and fundraisers, and yes, some are even dedicated enough to clean up the bat droppings. Some of us are getting on-line, sermons are usually stimulating and everyone has an opinion.

There are both Men’s nights and Women’s nights – the former usually involve beer at some stage and the latter – well, one has to be discreet! As Christians, we take very seriously the traditional Irish saying “Often, often, often goes the Christ in the strangers guise”

So, “welcome” and please come in and take a look around.